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Herbal Consultations

Concierge Service Package


Clients have the freedom to communicate with me 24/7 via email, phone calls, and text messages for the duration of the treatment. 

  • 1 Hour to 1.5 Hour Consultations $250*

  • Includes 2 follow-up consultations of 30-45 minutes each. 

  • Each client will receive a consultation, an herbal protocol, diet recommendations, and exercise recommendation. 

Acute Conditions Package

Acute conditions require a shorter amount of time to address than chronic conditions. Acute conditions might include issues such as cold, flu, viruses, UTI, sore throat, sprains, recovery from broken bones, cuts, bruises, sore muscles, stomach viruses, kidney stones, and coughs. 

  • 45-minute consultation $75*

  • 1 follow up consultation via phone call


*Cost of herbs not included

*Disclaimer: If I deem it necessary, I will advise you to seek medical attention, or 911 if its an emergency. If you refuse medical attention, I reserve the right to refuse you service. I am not a medical doctor nor do I make medical diagnosis.


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