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As a Certified Aromatherapist I specialize in customizing essential oil blends specific to my clients.  With more than 7 years of studying aromatherapy, over 400 hours of education, and in-depth knowledge of over 75 essential oils I know I can pick the right oils for each client.  

Whether we live in the same city or on different coasts, I'm confident we can work together! 

I am a member of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) and obtained my Aromatherapy Certification through the Aromahead Institute. 

Consultations for Aromatherapy services $250

  • 1 Hour to 1.5 Hour Consultations $250*

  • Includes 2 follow-up consultations of 30-45 minutes each. 

  • Each client will receive a consultation, an essential oil protocol, diet recommendations, and exercise recommendation.



As far back as ancient Egypt, cupping has been used as a healing method. Plastic cups are placed on the skin then a suction is created. The vacuum draws the tissue into the cup pulling congestion out of the body. Cupping is usually done over swollen, painful areas of the body. Cupping can be helpful for conditions such as edema, asthma, bronchitis, arthritis, abdominal pain, stomach-ache, indigestion, headache, menstrual pain, and lower back pain. It may also relieve depression, anger, and moodiness. 


$50 per 30 minute session



Moxibustion is the act of burning dried herbs over the skin. This painless process stimulates Qi (energy), Blood, and Fluid. It is especially effective for sprains, trauma, sore muscles, arthritis, sciatica, and warming the Kidney. 

$50 per 30 minute session


Herbal Products

I offer 2 herbal tea blends to my clients:

A cup of First Defense herbal tea should be taken when you are first experiencing symptoms of an illness. It contains Elderflower, Peppermint, Yarrow, Orange Peel, and Chrysanthemum. This delicious blend taste great with a bit of honey. 

For a nighttime cup of tea enjoy some of my Gentle Relaxation blend. This tea contains Oat Straw, Passion Flower, Chamomile, and other herbs for relaxation. 

Both blends are safe and gentle for the whole family.

4oz bag......$15

8oz bag......$28 

My most popular essential oil blends are my Blue Lotion for aches, pains, and inflammation and my Anti-itch Lotion which customers use for bug bites, rashes, and even eczema. For more information about these blends, send me a message as prices vary based on market value. 

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