More About Me

Passionate About Promoting Safety
Essential Oil Journey

In the fall of 2011, I started my aromatherapy journey.  I was pregnant with my second child and was in the "nesting" stage.  I decided to make homemade bath products for my friends as Christmas gifts.  The recipes called for essential oils. I didn't know the first thing about essential oils, but I managed to find them at a health food store.  The Christmas gifts were a hit and I discovered I loved the smell of Lavender and Peppermint.  This was the beginning of my journey.

After the Christmas season was over I had leftover Lavender and Peppermint oils that I didn't know what to do with, so I began my quest for education on how to use my essential oils in my home.  Rumor had it they were supposedly good for cleaning.  By 2014, I was ready to convert fully into an essential oil user on a daily basis. A friend introduced me to an MLM company that sells essential oils.  I decided to sell oils for a time since I loved them so much - I figured I might as well make money while I can!  I wanted to absorb as much information as possible about aromatherapy, but unfortunately I found almost nothing from the MLM company I was with other than in information they published.  So, I went to other sources for information.  I found books to read and joined several Facebook groups to help guide my way. 

In my search for information I discovered how much I did not know and how much I wanted to learn! The most important thing I learned was safety guidelines that completely contradicted what the MLM companies suggest.  I realized what I was using for my children was absolutely not safe and I had to stop.  After being with the MLM for less than 3 months I had to distance myself from them for ethical reasons.  I could not promote a company who thought it would be okay to suggest such dangerous things to so many people. 

I eventually found my way to the Aromahead Institute where I was immediately intrigued by the Aromatherapy Certification Program. I enrolled immediately and I was so glad I did! All of the information I spent hours looking for online was right at my finger tips.  I learned so much about safety guidelines for people of all ages and stages of life.  I learned how to ask the right questions of my clients and how to not only address the physical issue, but take into consideration the emotional needs of my clients as well.  

Upon completely my certification I started teaching classes to educate others about essential oil safety.  I believe there is so much false information being passed along that many do not know what is safe for themselves and their families.  My goal and passion is to promote the safety of essential oil usage.  

My promise to my clients is that I will help them physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  I believe God has given me the ability to work with people and with essential oils in order to bring people closer to Him. 

  • Aromatherapy Certification Program

  • Anatomy and Physiology for Aromatherapy Certification Program

  • Aromatherapy Teacher Training Program

  • Over 7 years of studying and working with Essential Oils

  • Over 400 Hours of Aromatherapy Education Classes

  • Member of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA)

Herbal Journey

In April 2017 I became more interested in using herbs in addition to essential oils.  While there is a time and a place for essential oils, I believe herbs in many cases should be used first.  I began reading books by herbalists such as Rosemary Gladstar and Rosalee de la Forte.  I spent may hours on websites such as and  I started reading more about diet and learning that what we eat effects our bodies more than anything else we do and how to incorporate herbs into our diets on a daily basis.  

By the summer of 2018, I was ready to commit to a full time herbal education program.  I looked at the education of some of the most well respected herbalists in the country and decided enrolling with East West School of Planetary Herbology with Michael and Lesley Tierra was the best option for me.  Michael and Lesley integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and Western Herbalism into one course creating a full spectrum herbal education.  While I am still learning the art and science of herbalism I am still seeing clients and creating herbal formulations.