• Emily Martin

Finding the Balance

We recently had a bout of Strep throat run through our home. This, for some reason, is nothing new in our family as it seems someone gets it about once a year- maybe more.

Some people may think that because I'm hard core into my essential oils I'm not one to take my kids to the doctor or put them on antibiotics- not the case. Part of understanding essential oils is understanding their limitations. I could have forgone the antibiotics but that would have required intense therapeutic use of essential oils; something I don't think I'm ready to do, nor do I think is wise to someone untrained in that area. Part of understanding essential oils is understanding the balance in using pharmaceuticals and aromatherapy together. I use pharmaceuticals when it comes major infections such as infections in the eyes, ears, or throat. When my kids (or myself) are sick with colds, headaches, stomach aches, or cuts and scrapes I turn to aromatherapy and herbs.

Where is the Balance?

I think its important to NOT use pharmaceuticals for every issue so when you DO need them your body will respond to them. Here is how last week looked in our house. Child started with a fever. I immediately pulled our my oils to help lower his fever. I use a really low dilution (0.5%) of peppermint since it is contraindicated on children under the age of 6 and he's 5. He still woke up with a fever and sore throat. I added some tea tree oil to the blend because at that point I knew he had Strep. So I made a doctor's appointment. He eventually ended up on an antibiotic. In conjunction with the antibiotics I was treating him topically with antimicrobial essential oils. In my home I was diffusing antimicrobial/antibiotic oils such as Lavender, Tea Tree, Frankincense, and Lemon. The doctor did tell me that a person in contagious before they even show symptoms so the damage was done and I had another one of my kids taken down, too. So lather. rinse. repeat. the process.

Its also important to realize that you shouldn't use essential oils as a preventative to illness- unless you know you've been exposed. According to Robert Tisserand your body won't respond to the essential oils when you need them if you over use them- much like overusing antibiotics. Keeping yourself healthy through herbs, sleep, exercise, and nutrition are keys to staying healthy. Most citrus essential oils are very high in a constitute called d-limeolene which is known for boosting the immune system so diffusing citrus essential oils once or twice a day are great at keeping the body healthy.

In the end, I'm thankful that after diffusing and lots of prayer that the other 3 of us did not get Strep! For any questions on how herbs and oils can help boost the immune system don't hesitate to ask!

How are you finding the balance? Let me know below!

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