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Bedtime Sachet

September 21, 2018

I have 3 kids who all have trouble getting to sleep. For years I’ve been using lavender essential oils and other oils to help them get to sleep. I don’t use them every night but several times a month it becomes necessary. 

Over use  of essential oils can cause sensitization of that oil- meaning overtime the body reacts negatively to that oil by way of skin reaction. This is something I don’t want to risk with my kids. I found the idea of sachets from AromaCulture magazine in the July issue.  Instead of using essential oils, I use dried herbs.  The aroma is gentler than essential oils and safer for small children or people sensitive to essential oils.  


This Sachet was incredibly easy to make. 

I use the following herbs: 

1 Tbs of Dried Calendula

1 Tbs of Dried Lavender

1-2 Tbs of Dried Chamomile


I added the herb blend to reusable canvas bag and tied it shut.  I give them to my kids at bedtime to use on or near their pillows.  It creates a calming environment at bedtime making it easier for them to sleep.  



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